Hot Artificial Turf for Fustal Fields, 5-a-side, Mini Football Courts

Professional football artificial grass with Stem, Diamond, E-shape monofilament yarn. The yarn is designed to keep in mind that many futsal courts are being exposed to constant play and wear. Regalawn futsal series is an ultra-durable futsal grass with resilience, comfort, and safety as prime performance.

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How we produce high durable futsal artificial grass?

We produce anti-abrasion football turf for high foot-traffic for those football courts in very high use frequency. The color style of football field is optional in two-tone green or pure green color. This bring higher business value in football field construction.

In futsal turf design, we use extra high Dtex of monofil yarn in stem or diamond shapes. The thickness of single fila is up to 240-350 micron. Therefore, it has good built-in standing memory and excellent anti-abrasion performance.

Right image shows a success cage football field with our grass products. The football turf can serve in 10 hours x 7 days with little maintenance cost.

Cage fustal turf project

Why choose artificial turf from us for your futsal courts construction?

Velcourt sereis non-infill football artificial grass is the lastest generation football we developed for futsal court. No need any sand or rubber infill and perform as good as traditional infilled grass. Moreover, non-infill artificial grass is easier and faster to install, and it provides a cleaner and movable surface.

We developed ideal items for indoor football, 7-a-side, 5-a-side, mini football fields installers.

Nonfill Futsal Grass System Sub-base Structure

The Advantages of Non-infill Futsal Turf

  1. Simple maintenance: Topping up with rubber is no longer necessary. The turf surface just has to be sprayed and brushed every now and then. Therefore, the maintenance costs are minimal than ever.
  2. Cleaner surface: The artificial surface is much cleaner without sand and crumb rubber.
  3. Ecologically sound: The absence of rubber filling makes this artificial grass outstandingly environmentally friendly. If the pitch ever has to be replaced, it is easy at very a limited cost.
  4. Fast installation: The installer can complete the futsal court construction must faster with non-infill football grass, because no silica sand and rubber granules infilling jobs. If time is a crucial factor, this can be very important to the success of a project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the roll size of futsal turf?

Usually, roll width is 4m in 2m dark green and 2m light green recommended for futsal court. We can also make 4m dark green and 4m light green.

Can we infill a little sand and rubber granules in non-infilled grass?

It is not recommended to infill sand inthe non-infilled artificial grass. If you want to give th turf carpet enough weight, you can infill some rubber granules.

Can you make colorful grass surrounding futsal court?

Yes, we can. So far, most installers prefer blue grass as the temperate area grass color. The colorful grass will be made together with white grass.

Need an Expert for Professional Football Field Design?

You can let us know the field size, length by width. Our expert will do the rest job including a full solution in drawing design and football grass system for your customized requirements.


Field size: field length x field width
Game area: sideline length x goalline length