Development History of Artificial Grass

With the development of the market, man-made grass has undergone great changes in materials, technology and construction. The purpose of these changes is to make man-made grass closer to natural grass in sports performance. It can be divided into the following stages.

Phase 1
It is mainly made of nylon, which looks like a carpet, has poor elasticity, has no protection for athletes and is easy to be injured;
Phase 2
It is mainly made of PP material and filled with quartz sand particles, with high hardness,
Phase 3
It is mainly made of PE material, filled with quartz sand and filled with rubber particles, which has the elasticity of natural grass and greatly improves the sports performance;
Phase 4
Take FIFA certification as the standard and pay attention to the construction of system engineering such as foundation and construction. At this stage, in addition to mesh products, there are also products such as straight curve mixing. The materials include PE and PP, PE and nylon, and the sports performance is further strengthened;
Phase 5
Mainly monofilament grass, in addition to pursuing sports performance, it also pursues a more ideal appearance, and pays more attention to the construction of the system.
Phase 6
It still focuses on grass silk, and the lawn technology has been developed, with special attention to environmental protection. It does not contain heavy metals. Back glue is also a recyclable material, and the lawn can be reused after a few years.

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