Futsal artificial grass for 5-a-side Football Courts Regalawn D50

Regalawn D50 diamond cage football turf is made with a diamond shape of monofil grass. It can be designed in 2 tone green and single green color and is widely used for soccer fields, futsal courts, and cage football games. The diamond shape monofil grass is thicker than other yarn types. Therefore, it is more durable if installed in a cage futsal court. As a diamond monofil grass supplier in China, we can offer fully customized cage football turf in height, density, and color styles for installers over the world.

50mm is a popular football grass height for cage football fields. For professional cage football grass system design, you can contact our experts for full solutions and project budget planning.

Pile height: 50mm
Gauge: 5/8″ or 3/4″, 5/8″ zigzag optional
Stitches/m2: 8800-12000/m2
Yarn: PE Diamond monofil
Color: 2 tone green or single green
Backing: PP cloth + leno
Coating: SBR latex black (green optional)

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