Why do you need synthetic turf for football fields?

Synthetic turf football fields increase playing and practice time since players can train daily, without weather concerns. The fields made with Regalawn series do not degrade in wind, rain, or snow which makes for a more stable playing surface.

Football fields owners are able to utilize synthetic grass fields for 5,000 hours a year without rest, whereas natural fields can only be used for about 30 hours a week.

  • Safe turf system and low skin abrasion
  • Durable and quicker recovery from fatigue
  • Simulates natural grass playing
  • Fiber density reduces infill granule splash
  • Reduced risk of concussion and lower extremity injuries
  • Low maintenance cost

Popular 11-a-side Football Turf since 2012 World Cup

Regalawn series is a leading brand for 11-a-side soccer fields according to FIFA/USSF rules, deeply trusted by turf installers and contractors since 2012 World Cup. We incorporate the latest technology of artificial turf into each sports surface, providing the ultimate synthetic turf system for players.

  • Skin-friendly and high resilience
  • Excellent UV resistance, proven durability, high tenacity
  • Quality products at cost-effective prices
  • Manufacturer warranty
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Why 55mm or higher of football turf is better for a professional soccer field?

A higher thickness of the turf system can contain more infilling rubber granules. This turf system design gives a professional football field a better resilience performance. 55mm or higher pile height prevents the athletes from a concussion and lower extremity injuries in football playing.

Infilling Type of Football Turf System Structure

Preparation of a sub-base for a professional football turf system.
FIFA Football Turf System, Version 1 – October 2016

What type of sub-base is the best for a soccer pitch turf system?

To make sure the performance of football turf, a professional sub-base and drainage are necessary before the installer paves the grass. If you are interested to know more about the installation steps, the blog below shows the full process.

How to Construct a Football Artificial Grass Field.

Which type of football turf system is better, infilling or non-infill?

Non-infill football turf combines the newest industrial technology in yarn design. It is a high-quality, low-maintenance innovative turf for a soccer pitch. Usually, a shock pad layer is optional and strongly recommended. It doesn’t need sand or rubber infilling which means easy installation and maintenance. Shorter and high stems make it ideal for training futsal and called 5-a-side football.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I design a professional football field?

You can get a free football pitch design and project budget planning from us. Our expert will do the rest job and offer you a full solution including material budget and football field drawings, always free.

How long can I have the football turf delivered?

Usually, we finish the production for an 11-a-side project within 12-15 days. The sea shipping time is up to the shipping company, normally no more than one month to the nearest seaport of your city.

What else materials can you offer other than football turf?

As a leading custom artificial grass manufacturer in China, our sales team can also offer football field suppliers including infilling rubber granules, joint tape, shock pad, fence, and lighting systems at cost-effective prices.

Need an Expert for Professional 11-a-side Football Field Design?

You can let us know the soccer pitch size, length by width. We will do the rest job, and offer you professional solutions including drawing design and football grass system, and project budget according to your requirements.


Field size: field length x field width
Game area: sideline length x goalline length