Football Ground Grass for 9-a-side Fields Regalawn D55

Football ground grass Regalawn D55 for 9-a-side soccer fields made with diamond monofil stems, widely used in professional sports stadiums, and football clubs as the FIFA quality concept.

D55 series stem monofil grass is medium height as a classic type of football ground grass. Therefore, it makes the turf stems hold more infilling rubber granules. This brings grass surface a better resilience when a long-passed football going.

D55 has passed strict lab testing in UV resistance. We offer professional 9-a-side soccer football turf Regalawn D55. You can contact our expert to customize your project.

Pile height: 55mm
Gauge: 5/8″ or 3/4″, 5/8″ zigzag optional
Stitches/m2: 8800-12000/m2
Yarn: PE Diamond monofil
Color: 2 tone green or single green
Backing: PP cloth + leno
Coating: SBR latex black (green optional)

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