Why you need a non-infill football turf?

When it comes to non-infill artificial grass, all project owners care about the performance, durability and maintenance costs. We use the best quality raw materials and additives to make the artificial turf has a long lifespan.

  • Skin-friendly and highly resilience
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Durability, high strength, and tenacity
  • Fast installation
  • Insignificant maintenance costs

We strives to ensure that all our valued clients receive the best quality artificial turf and professional service, including related accessories as well with no profit to save your cost.

Non-infill Football Grass Velcourt P30318 (5)

Featured Non-infill Football Turf Supplies

Velcourt series ideal for indoor football, 7-a-side, 5-a-side (futsal), 3-a-side football (mini football) fields. With several types of non-infill football turfs to custom, you will find one that matches your football field project.

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Why is the shock pad recommended for non-infill football turf installation?

Usually, the pile height of non-infill football grass is 25mm-35mm. You can lay the turf directly on the sub-base like carpet. Designed with strong grass stems and high tufting density, the resilience of a non-infill turf system is good for football practice.

For better resilience and higher performance, a shock pad layer underneath gives non-infill football turf system better resilience. That is why we strongly recommend the installers to add an extra shock pad layer under the grass for perfect resilence.

Nonfill Futsal Grass System Sub-base Structure

Will the non-infill artificial turf provide enough resilience?

The functions of infilling material is to provide turf system a “cushion” effect. The curly thatch of non-infill grass plays a similar role in grass system. But, is it enough?

The non-infill football turf itself will perform well for a futsal or a mini football practice. But if you need extra resilience and better protection for a professional football pitch, we recommend you add a layer of shock pad beneath the non-infill artificial turf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can non-infill football turf last?

The lifespan of non-infill football grass is designed 6 years for medium stepping traffic. With a shock pad layer, it can last for at least 8 years.

Can I infill a little sand in non-infill football grass?

It is not recommended to infill sand in non-infill football grass. If you want to give the turf carpet enough weight, you can infill a little rubber crumbs at a dose of 5kg per sqm.

How to install non-infill football grass?

You can view our blog to learn how to install a professional football pitch with non-infilled artificial grass.

Need an Expert for Football Pitch Design?

You can let us know the court size, length by width. Our expert will do the rest job including a full solution in drawing design and football grass system for your customized requirements.


Court size: court length x court width
Game area: sideline length x goalline length