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Diamos Global Sports is a famous sports artificial grass, landscaping synthetic turf manufacturer, supplier in China. We have been supplying custom quality artificial grass, fake lawns products over ten years to dealers and contractors all over the world. Are you looking for high-quality, healthy and customized artificial grass for your sports turf construction, or landscaping projects innovation? Then you can choose us as your premium producer. We have an anual capacity upto 8 million sqm, supplying for various artificial grass styles for wide applications. You will find your preferable styles what you are searching for below.

futsal artificial turf football field grass

Futsal Artificial Turf

We offer a variety of futsal artificial turf for wholesalers and project installers. Our products include stem shape monofil, diamond monofil, custom shapte monofil in two-tone green football astro turf, widely used in cage football courts, mini football courts, 5-a-side and 7-a-side football fields with length range 25-110m and width range 15-75m.

Diamos 11-a-side football turf soccer grass

Soccer Football Turf

Diamos Global Sports is a famous artificial grass, synthetic turf manufacturer in China. We have been supplying quality artificial turf designed in special features of high resilience, anti-UV and anti-abrasion for over ten years. The soccer football turf is widely used on soccer pitches of 7-a-side, 9-a-side, 11-a-side in FIFA, USSF, NCAA rules.

Diamos multi-sports turf artificial grass

Multi-sports Turf

We are professional manufacturer that offer multi-sport turf with tufting gauge 3/4″, 5/8″, 5/8″zigzag and various yarn types in stem monofil, diamond monofil, custom stem shape monofil. These multi-sport artificial turf can be customized in 40-60mm thickness, and be widely used for multi-purpose court sizes range from length 50-100m and width 25-70m.

non-infill football turf futsal grass

Non-infill Football Turf

We manufacturing and supplying non-infill football turf, half-infilling soccer grass. Non-infill football turf is used in a variety of football fields including cage football, mini football, futsal court, 5-a-side 7-a-side soccer pitches. Contact us today to discuss your project or receive some innovative samples for your planning. You will have custom non-infill football courts at the best price.

landscaping artificial grass for front yard

Landscaping Grass

Vivilawn landscape series has a wide variety of landscaping artificial grass for front yard, which we provide in many different color styles, 3-tone, 4-tone, 5-tone with various stem shapes to meet all of your custom needs. The buyer can combine different straight yarn with different color curly thatch to increase the variety. Contact us to get popular fake grass for front yard landscaping.

garden artificial grass with sleepers

Garden Grass

As a professional manufacturer, we have a wide range of garden artificial grass with sleepers, which are made on-demand according to specific needs. The wholesale artificial grass with sleepers is usually used for small garden renovation. We use the fire-retardant raw material to produce the Vivilawn series, which is safe and specially used for fake grass gardens with small garden artificial grass.

residential artificial grass turf

Residential Grass

Vivilawn residential series has a wide variety of residential artificial grass. It is made with soft bionic grass stems in many different shapes and color styles. Besides, it has amazing realistic appearance to meet your indoor and outdoor residential decorating. All the material is safe and skin-friendly. If you need to bulk order for wholesales, please message us to get a custom listing.

artificial grass playground for kids play area backyard synthetic turf

Playground Synthetic Turf

As a professional manufacturer, we have been supplying safe and quality artificial grass for kids playground, with custom designed in special feature of softness, high resilience, low glare and fire retardance for over ten years. On playground turf for backyard, Vivilawn synthetic turf brings more funs to kids, and keep them safe from getting scratched by the gravel. It is the first choice of playground turf for backyard play area.

fake grass artificial turf around pool

Pool Artificial Grass

DiamosGrass is a famous pool artificial grass manufacturer, supplier in China. We have been supplying quality and realisitic synthetic turf for pool and custom fake grass around pool for over then years. Are you looking for high quality, safe and soft artificial turf around pool? Vivilawn pool grass series is the best choice for wholesales. Not only color styles, but also grass stem shapes can be customized to meet all of your needs.

artificial grass golf putting green turf

Putting Green Artificial Grass

We produce a variety of artificial putting green golf grass for golf course, home golf and backyard golf. You can custom the synthetic putting green color styles and thickness to meet all of your specifications. If you need bulk quantity of putting green artificial turf for wholesale, contact us now and we offer you a custom list at the best price.

artificial faux grass wall panels fence decor

Faux Grass Wall Panels

Vivilawn faux grass wall panels series is with natural stems in realistic color style, widely used for wall grass decor fence. As a professional manufacturer, we create these realistic faux grass panels by the latest injection molding process. If you need bulk order of artificial grass for wall decoration, contact us to custom the your preferable styles at the bottom price.

roof artificial grass for balcony patio decor

Roof Patio Deck Grass

We have been supplying roof artificial grass since for more than ten years. With a variety of 3-tone 4-tone green color style, all of this patio series is made of soft monofil stem with fire retardant material. It is quality and safe synthetic turf carpet for patio, roof, balcony decorating. You can custom the grass stem shape to meed all of your needs.

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  • Over 10 years artificial grass, synthetic turf manufacturing experience
  • Professional soccer football grass system design and service
  • Creating healthy, superior and valuable artificial grass solutions for sports fields, garden landscaping, and resorts hotels.
  • Complete synthetic lawn extruding, yarn winding, carpet tufting, auto coating & packing system products line to ensure various sizes of turf rolls can be completed in one stop.
  • Multiple anti-abrasion artificial grass solutions for sports court, playground areas, cage futsal, and etc.

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