Artificial Grass is A Perfect Substitute for Natural Grass in Football Fields

  1. Requirements for climatic conditions

Natural grasses: The climate has a great influence on natural grasses. Many countries or regions have extremely harsh climates. For example, Africa is hot and Eastern Europe is severely cold. Natural grasses are difficult to grow.
Artificial grass: Just the opposite of natural grass. Artificial grass can be used no matter how bad the weather conditions are, without any influence. This is the reason why natural grass is gradually replaced by artificial grass in extreme climate areas.

  1. Use frequency and lifespan

Natural grass: If the natural grass is well maintained, it can be used for a long time, but if it is not well maintained, it will also cause the natural lawn to die, and the service life and duration cannot be guaranteed.
Artificial grass: The artificial grassland material is PE (polyethylene), which has very good abrasion resistance and is very suitable for sports venues. It is tested by test data and long-term practical experience, as well as professional institutions. It can be used around the clock and is not limited by the frequency of use. Generally, the lifespan of artificial grass is about 8 years.

  1. Requirements for later maintenance

Natural grass: Everyone knows that the natural grass of the football stadium is maintained by a dedicated person. Every time a game is played, a professional maintenance is required, including (missing lawn replanting, mowing the lawn), and watering and fertilizing are usually required when there is no game. , Pruning, insecticide and other maintenance work, the later maintenance work is very cumbersome.
Artificial grass: The artificial grass can save the tedious maintenance work of natural grass in the later stage, just need some cleaning and some simple maintenance on a regular basis.

  1. Requirements of the sub-base

Natural grass: Natural grass can not be planted in all places, and the three conditions of soil, watering and fertilization are quite lacking.
Artificial grass: The foundation of artificial grass is not affected by the place. It can be laid on concrete or hard soil. It will not be affected by many factors like natural grass.

  1. Requirements for sports performance

Natural grass: The characteristic of natural grass is that it is relatively soft and will not cause abrasions to the athlete’s body. Natural grass has better sports performance and will not affect the direction of the ball and the trajectory of the ball.
Artificial grass: It is made of PE and PP material, which has superior anti-slip performance and improves friction.

Since the development of turf, through continuous improvement and innovation, from primary and secondary school playgrounds to street stadiums, to rental venues and stadiums, from ordinary stadiums to professional stadiums, finally set foot in the world’s highest level of football event, the World Cup. The bottom-up popularity of artificial turf courts has been unstoppable.

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