At DiamosGrass, we provide you with the most excellent football turf and landscaping artificial grass. These artificial turfs are popular and widely used in a variety of applications in football pitches, multi-sport fields, playgrounds, front yards, gardens, patios, and pools. We offer quality, safe and healthy synthetic turf products that meet consumer needs and market trends.

Regalawn and Vivilawn series has been at the forefront of the synthetic turf industry, continuously supplying, manufacturing, and valuable custom solutions for sports field and landscaping providers.

If you are looking for a reliable artificial grass factory in China, DiamosGrass will be one of your best choices.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring the highest quality, cost-effective, and affordable products for our customers.

Why Choose Us

We can be your reliable supplier, who can help you in the below aspects:

  • Fast global delivery, to ensure your project construction on time.
  • Custom full specs, to enhance your competition in product variety.
  • Factory-direct sales, to improve your advantages in project bidding.

High Cost-effective Products

We always strive for the best match of product quality and price and provide customers with the best solution.

Stable Cooperative Supplier

Due to more than 10 years of cooperation with our material supplier, we have a stable material supply chain, which greatly improved our product delivery time.

Fast Global Delivery

We promise that the delivery time of bulky order is within 3 weeks, samples within 5 days. We can operate shipping terms including EXW, FOB, CIF to the nearest sea port of your city, or DDP to door.

Team R&D Strength

Each of our leaders in R&D dept, Production dept, and also sales dept has over 15 years of experience in artificial turf, who can provide effective custom artificial grass solutions quickly and professionally.

Own Yarn Production Lines

With own yarn-extruding facilities and winding equipment, DIAMOSGRASS could act quickly in response to the requirements of customized products raised by customers

Anti-UV and Abrasion Simulation

We have professional lighting engineers who can provide you with professional simulation for lighting solutions.

R & D Laboratory

As a leading artificial grass factory, We have own laboratory collaboration with Labosport.
Dedicated for developing quality artificial grass for the benefit of both customers and partners.

Keeping unique features of products to be more competitive capable and providing the custom solution for artificial grass innvation. These are what we continuously improve for and strive on.

Regalawn abrasion performance testing
LABOSPORT leesport abrasion performance testing

Labosport Abrasion Testing

Each type of sports artificial grass under lisport abrasion testing at least 10000 cycles, testing rules following FIFA quality concept.

DiamosGrass Flame Retardant Test
Flame Retardant Test

Flame Retardant Testing

DiamosGrass Yarn Tensile Strength Test
Yarn Tensile Strength Test

Yarn Tensile Test

Accelerated UV Weathering Test
Accelerated UV Weathering Test

Accelerated Weathering Test

Tuft Bind Strength Test
Tuft Bind Strength Test

Tuft Binding Strength Test

Strict tuft binding strength testing for football artificial turf, no less than 45N, higher than FIFA quality concept rules.

Certificates & Qualifications

The premium quality of Regalawn and Vivilawn series is that you can always trust. Since we establish our own laboratory, we focus on developing safe and healthy football artificial grass and landscaping synthetic turf for more than ten years. Nowadays, we have gained ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, CE, and LABOSPORT certificates and qualifications. With 8 years warranty, we provide worldwide wholesalers and contractors with high-quality custom turf solutions.

FIFA Test Absorption Ball Rolling, etc

UV Accelerated Weathering Report

FIFA Test Deformation Ball Rebound

Abrasion Simulated Use 20200 Cycles

Tensile Strength and UV Resistance

SGS Laboratory Fire Retardant Testing

Artificial Grass Factory and Manufacturing

Core production and supplying capability

  • 12 tufting production lines with a variety of tufting gauge including 3/8″ 3/4″ 5/8″ 8/16″ 1/8″ 3/16″ 5/32″, 5/8″ zigzag tufting.
  • 3 sets of coating facilities including SBR latex in custom color coating, and PU coating on width 4.572m (15ft) available.
  • Independent sample development lab, exclusively for custom artificial turf sample orders.
Yarn Extruding

Yarn Extruding

Bobbins loading

Bobbins Loading

Grass Tufting

Grass Tufting

Grass ready for coating

Tufting Finished

Grass coating and drying

Coating and Drying

Grass cutting and packing

Cutting and Packing

Small grass with pallet packing

Grass Pallet Packing

Grass ready for loading

Ready for Loading

Staff Style

Your reliable artificial grass factory in China.

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