Advantages of Artificial Turf Multi-sport Fields

It is the best choice for public sports centers, schools, hotels, universities, and health centers, which needs to support multiple sports and recreational needs but have limited space.

  • These multi-purpose playgrounds built with sports turf encourage children to be more active and prevent them from getting hurt.
  • Synthetic turf is safe for children to play on even in rain.
  • With a consistent playing surface for football, soccer, futsal, and mini football.
  • Flexible netting allows several different sports games on the turf surface simultaneously.
  • Field’s return on investment can be greatly increased.
Diamos multi-sports turf artificial grass

Featured Multi-sport Field Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass allows teams to practice and play games under all weather conditions, and it easily accommodates multiple sports games to be played on one field. Using different colors for inlaid game markings.

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How to Mark Lines in an Artificial Grass Multi-sports Field?

Multi-sports field lines can either be inlaid with colorful grass or be painted onto turf surfaces. Inlaid grass marking lines are permanent. Therefore, the inlaid artificial grass lines reduce maintenance costs. That is why we strongly recommended all the main pitch markings.

Paint lines are used when temporary alternative lines are needed.

Diamos Grass Drawing Multi-Sports 68x45 2Tone P1

Inlaid Artificial Grass Line Marking

Advantages: It is a permanent line marking, with no maintenance cost.

Disadvantages: The lines are the weakest points on the artificial grass pitches. Potential cracking risk existed where the lines are set in. Additionally, you may need to hire a professional installer to do the work.

Lines for Artificial Grass Multi-sport Pitch

For a multi-purpose artificial turf field that will host a number of sports, lines should be installed in different colors to denote each sport.
The choice of colors is important.
As a rule of thumb, the most frequently played sport should be marked out in white, the second most frequent in yellow, followed by red or blue.
The left drawing is a typical layout for a multi-sports football pitch also marked for small-sided futsal courts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we paint line for an artificial turf multi-sports field?

Yes, you can paint lines instead of inlaid lines. But it is not recommended. Because you need to re-paint the lines when the color fades. Repainting means increasing maintenance costs.

How many square meters of white artificial turf is needed for a multi-sports field?

The quantity varies for sports types and field sizes. To avoid waste and shortage, we strongly recommend you consult with our expert based on your project.

What color is better for inlaid futsal courts line marking?

The top choice of inlaid futsal courts in a multi-sports field is yellow, followed by blue or red.

Need an Expert for Your Multi-sport Turf Solutions?

You can let us know the court size, length by width, and each inner court size. Our expert will do the rest job and offer you a nice customized solution.


Court size: court length x court width
Game area: sideline length x goalline length