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How to Install Non-infill Football Artificial Turf

How to install non-infill football artificial turf step by step? Soccer grass fields installation guidance with useful tips in football turf installing Non-infill environmentally friendly football grass is a high-end product among artificial grass product ranges. Here shows how to install non-infill football artificial turf step by step and share the tips on soccer grass […]

Introduction to Certification Process of FIFA Artificial Turf Soccer Fields

At the present stage, in order to host important sports events in many areas in the future, at the beginning of the construction of the tender, the bidder of the venue requires the venue to pass FIFA (International Football Federation) related testing and certification. So today we will come to understand what testing standards and […]

Difference between Artificial Grass Infilling Granules


The infilling granule in the artificial grass system is an important part and plays a very important role. In addition to protecting grass blades and stabilizing the grass system, it can also provide the sports performance required by the football grass fields, such as friction coefficient, cushioning performance, rotational resistance, etc. These make the artificial […]

Artificial Grass is A Perfect Substitute for Natural Grass in Football Fields

Requirements for climatic conditions Natural grasses: The climate has a great influence on natural grasses. Many countries or regions have extremely harsh climates. For example, Africa is hot and Eastern Europe is severely cold. Natural grasses are difficult to grow. Artificial grass: Just the opposite of natural grass. Artificial grass can be used no matter […]

Five Keys to Value-Added Operation of the Artificial Grass Soccer Fields

Multifunctional application of artificial turf football field The soccer fields operator can put the artificial turf football fields to good use by launching football matches as well as training games. Meanwhile, operators can build multi-use football fields in different sizes that can be used in spare time for football players. Based on years of experience, […]

Five Things You Must Know About Shock Pad


1. What is an artificial grass soccer shock pad? The artificial grass system with a soccer shock pad means that it has long-lasting and stable shock absorption performance. As an optional layer installed between artificial grass and ground foundation, it can ensure that artificial grass products have the lowest shock absorption performance. Meanwhile, it can […]

Maintenance of Artificial Turf after Paving

Artificial turf is used more and more widely around the world. How to properly maintain the artificial turf sports field after paving has become the focus of colleges and sports venues. The maintenance methods of artificial turf are much simpler than those of natural turf. The following are the keys of artificial turf maintenance. Keys […]