School Artificial Turf – The Best Way to Use Artificial Turf

If you want to provide a safe and healthy environment for your children to play on, then consider the benefits of artificial turf. This type of turf has been around for many years and is used in professional sports across the country. From baseball to football, basketball to softball, there are countless sports that make […]

3 Reasons Why Install Artificial Turf For Kindergarten Playground

Many parents are considering the idea of why install artificial turf for Kindergarten playground equipment. There are many reasons to look into it, and they range from safety to aesthetics. Safety concerns include reduced slips and falls on wet surfaces, and reduced risk for head injuries for small children. For these reasons, there are many […]

Sports Artificial Grass – Benefits Of Using This Artificial Grounding For Your Property

Today, artificial grass has become the prime alternative for sports fields. Its growing popularity is due to its unmatched durability, attractive look, and versatility. Synthetic turf companies have made huge investments in research and technology to fine tune artificial grass varieties for use in sporting venues. Nowadays, synthetic turf can be used for any kind […]

Artificial Grass For Rugby Pitches – Ideal for Playing on Indoor and Outdoor Grounds

The advantages of Artificial Grass for Rugby are numerous and having one makes life easier for everyone. Most sports venues in the UK have been made aware that the popularity of rugby is increasing and they want to give the sport a sporting uplift in the future. However, the rugby pitch at a venue cannot […]

Why Use Rubber Granule Infill For Artificial Turf?

Rubber Granule Infill is a highly effective material for the manufacture of artificial grass. This material can also be used in the manufacture of artificial turf for sporting venues, because it is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and creates a very good surface. In addition, it can be shaped into different shapes, including triangular, […]