TPE Safe Infilling Granules Bring an Environmental Sports Experience on Artificial Grass Soccer Fields

If you gallop on the soccer fields made with artificial turf all year round, you can always find some flakes or other fixed-shaped black granules. After a fierce game, you may get a lot of such granules on your shoes and clothes, especially when you enter In the sneakers, the smell is unforgettable. So what is the function of these granules? Why are there so many granules in the artificial turf field?

Artificial turf filling granules, as a small part of the entire artificial turf system, but play a big role.

SBR Granules

In the past, the common artificial grass filling granules mainly include “black granules” and “color rubber granules”. The former is the most common filling granules at present. It is called “black granules” because it is a recycled product made by recycling rubber from waste tires, cable skins and soles and crushing treatment.

However, these common artificial grass filling granules have no small defects. As a recycling product, “black granules” have mixed sources and uncontrollable internal components. Moreover, recycled rubber such as waste tires contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, etc., and a strong pungent smell.

EPDM Granules

“Colored rubber particles” are mainly made with EPDM rubber, which are usually used in the athletic track. They are the main component of the elastic layer of the athletic fields. It has excellent physical properties, and a variety of colors range.

Defects of Recycled Rubber Granules

The preliminary understanding of the harm of “black rubber granules” in domestic market started the report in the “toxic athletic field” incident in 2016. At the same time, in European football reports, it also conducted a seven-month fine research on “Black Rubber Granules” — through a documentary called “Dangerous Game”, the research results were broadcast on vara TV station in the Netherlands.

The reporter pointed out that, recycled black rubber granules from waste tires are widely used in artificial grass sports fields, which has the risk of cancer.

After discovering that “recycled black rubber granules” may cause serious cancer, some manufacturers began to replace artificial grass filling granules by EPDM rubber granules.

However, EPDM particles also have some defects, such as large ratio of powder content, low color fastness, easy fading, short service life and so on. These problems are deeply perplexing a large number of artificial grass field contractors. So, is there any material that can perfectly fit the artificial grass football field?

In November 2018, the new national standard of the athletic field was officially implemented.

The strict regulations were made on ball venues, especially the artificial grass stadium, which required its physical and chemical properties. Meanwhile, the artificial grass infilling granules were specified for the first time. It requires that the rubber content should be greater than 20%, and the total content of 18 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons must be less than 20mg / kg.

Under the new national standard, EPDM infilling granules will be removed or replaced in artificial grass sports fields. Finally, TPE infilling granules came into market.

The TPE infilling granules utterly solves the healthy problems caused by “recycled black rubber granules”

DG TPE Artificial Grass Infilling Granules

The TPE filling particle developed by DG is an artificial grass infilling granules with high elasticity, high strength and high resilience of rubber with injection molding processing.

Advantages of TPE Infilling Granules

  1. Excellent Anti-aging

DG artificial turf infilling granules are made of TPE materials with excellent anti-aging properties. It has passed the domestic lab testing of UV7000 hours (equal to 10 years of service life).

  1. Wear Resistance

At the same time, DG artificial turf TPE infilling granules have excellent wear resistance, and the product has passed the Lisport wear test for 35000 cycles.

  1. Anti-glare Design

This infilling granules adopts matte design, and the surface is diffuse reflection, so as to prevent shining caused by strong reflection of sunlight or light and affect the sight of athletes.

  1. Static Elimination

TPE infilling granule has good insulation. DG artificial turf infilling granules have been treated with anti-static processing. It can effectively prevent friction and static electricity. The product has passed the anti-static test of SGS.

  1. Hollow Structure

The hollow ratio of DG artificial turf infilling granule is up to 30%, which can effectively reduce the whole infilling density. The overall shock absorption performance of the artificial turf system is greatly increased.

  1. Infilling Height

Under the same infilling height, the dose of DG artificial turf infilling granule is 40% less than that of EPDM and 30% less than that of recycled black particles. It improves project quality and save construction cost.

The excellent performance of TPE infilling granules supplied by DG in artificial grass football field, has been recognized and widely used by more and more engineering companies in the global football artificial grass market.

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