Artificial Grass For Rugby Pitches – Ideal for Playing on Indoor and Outdoor Grounds

The advantages of Artificial Grass for Rugby are numerous and having one makes life easier for everyone. Most sports venues in the UK have been made aware that the popularity of rugby is increasing and they want to give the sport a sporting uplift in the future. However, the rugby pitch at a venue cannot be guaranteed to be completely safe and so a safer alternative has to be found. This is where artificial grass comes into its own; it provides a completely safe playing surface that is soft and comfortable to walk on, allowing the players to perform better and with less risk.

The first advantages of Artificial Grass for Rugby are evident when one considers the playing conditions. Artificial turf surfaces are designed to replicate natural grass fields which provide a completely safe playing surface. With regular playing surfaces made from natural grass conditions can become slippery and uneven, which can be dangerous, especially for young children. The surfaces will be extremely hard wearing, making them ideal for training sessions and matches. This means the pitches stay in good condition and are suitable for a lifetime. In fact, these pitches can be left out in the garden and used year after year.

Another advantage of Artificial Grass for Rugby is the fact that it is much quicker to install. When compared to the construction of a real grass field, installation time for artificial grass fields is just one day, compared to four or more weeks of preparation with a natural grass field. There is no need to wait for the grass to grow, no need for seed or plants and no need for replanting. This means no additional work for the crew, no disruption to the home or business and no extra costs for labour. Furthermore, there are no weeds to cut and no maintenance or painting required.

When buying artificial grass for rugby, it’s important to know the different types available. A polyethylene turf is the most common, durable and affordable type of surface. It is made from an ultra-light material which makes it possible to install the surface in one day, even with the help of machines. It also stays cooler than normal turf and does not dry out quickly.

Another popular synthetic turf used for rugby fields is vt60 turf. This product has the same durability as polyethylene but is 50% faster to set up. It is also available in two different thicknesses to cater for lower and higher profile pitches. In addition, this product provides excellent grip thanks to its unique grooves. Lastly, it does not grow very fast, making it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It’s also important to choose a quality turf surface, since the texture can have a significant impact on how well a player can play. Although most synthetic turfs are easy to install, they are not designed for constant use and should be replaced annually. Long term use can damage the surface and make it less comfortable or even worse, causing injury. If you want to give your playing surface a boost, consider installing artificial turf for rugby.

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